Take your Teaching Online

Online Teaching Skills for Dog Trainers

April 9 - June 11, 2021

Covid-19 took many dog professionals by surprise. We had to suddenly explore new teaching possibilities online. For many dog trainers this new challenge seemed and still seems overwhelming.

In this new online course, I will help you take your teaching online. Equipped with new ideas and practical teaching skills, you will soon run your own interactive online workshops, impressive webinars or intriguing online lectures.

Benefits of online teaching:

  • Unlimited access to potential clients

  • No traveling! Stay at home with your dog.

  • More in depth teaching

  • Enriched learning experience for students and teachers

  • More flexibility and freedom

How is this online course structured?

  • 10 online workshops - always LIVE - every Sunday from 19:00-21:00 (Vienna Time)

  • 10 weeks

  • 10 online assignments for practical application

Times and Dates of live online classes:

​Every Friday, starting on April 9, from 19:00-21:00 (CET)

Last class is on June 11.

Content of the online course "Take your Teaching Online":

  • What is online teaching? How is it different from teaching face-to-face?

  • Technical skills: webinar platforms, tools for online teaching

  • Integrating video/audio

  • Preparing a presentation that doesn't suck

  • Interacting with participants: interactive exercises and games so that participants don't fall asleep during the webinar

  • Motivating participants: energizers in webinars

  • Checking understanding

  • Assigning tasks that participants won't hate

  • Giving feedback and positive reinforcement

  • Writing quick (!) lesson plans (so that your preparation doesn't take hours)

  • Blended learning - mixing online with face-to-face classes

This course will help you to:

  • discover new technologies and how to make them work for you

  • learn how to structure an online course (applies to offline courses as well!)

  • apply pedagogy to your classes

  • give clear instructions for more efficient learning

  • communicate with sensitivity

  • understand how to give choices to your clients

  • learn how to empower your clients

  • give constructive feedback

  • learn how to build a strong relationship with your clients and to promote life-long learning

Who is your instructor?

My name is Sarina and I am a teacher for adult education and a

dog trainer. I started teaching in 1999 and have been teaching

online classes since 2010. I have also been working with dogs and

their owners (offline and online) since 2014.

I am a full member of the PDTE and a co-host of the podcast

"Dog Tails: Conversations with the Pet Dog Trainers of Europe".

Who is this course for?

  • Dog professionals who interact with clients on a regular basis and who have an interest in teaching

  • Dog professionals who want to start teaching online

  • Dog professionals who have no previous experience (or very little experience) with teaching online

  • Dog professionals who want to explore new possibilities regarding teaching

Prerequisites for the course:

  • You need to have a computer (desktop or laptop) and good internet access.

  • You should have basic computer and internet skills.

  • It would be an advantage if you use WhatsApp. It makes quick communication easier.

  • Your comprehension level (speaking, reading, writing, listening) of English should be at least intermediate.

Course Fee: EUR 220,-


  • 10 live online seminars

  • 24/7 email access to instructor

  • access to Google Classroom (videos, links, podcasts, etc.)

Minimum number of participants: 10

Maximum number of participants: 15

Questions? Email me at sarinakriechbaum@yahoo.com


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